Our Services

We design & build play spaces that effortlessly integrate into the natural environment.

We Design

A well-considered plan can turn an aging pool into a low-maintenance splash pad, or an abandoned lot into a neighborhood playground.

Our job is to help our clients understand their constraints and recognize their opportunities, then steer them toward success.

It begins with asking the right questions and listening closely to the answers.


We Install

The level of assistance is based on each client’s individual needs.

We built our reputation with community build events. Our staff can guide volunteers or municipal crews through the entire installation or just the critical stages.

Parkitects can offer turnkey services.  We maintain relationships with several regional construction firms across New York State.

We Maintain

Using our custom computerized system, Parkitects will perform a compliance audit on play equipment by any manufacturer installed throughout New York State.

Reports include an inventory of all equipment inspected for compliance to the CPSC and ASTM playground safety codes, followed by detailed notations with photographs of any non-compliant items, categorized by the severity of the safety concern.