Southern Tier Welcome Center

The playground at the Southern Tier Welcome Center on 81N is the result of another collaboration between Parkitects, the NYS Department of Transportation, and Site Specialists. When families need a break from traveling, children can get out energy on this custom, canoe regatta inspired play space. With colorful poured-in-place surfacing throughout, the space is transformed into the banks of the Susquehanna River. Kids can act out river races in the custom boats, climb up and down the wavy dock, or test their balance on log shaped beams. A slide disguised as a hollow tree trunk adds more fun, and spinners made to look like tall cattails further add to the marine environment. This rustic and charming play area introduces visitors to the environment and community of the Southern Tier, and is a fun space for every member of the family.

2 Route I-81, North, Kirkwood, NY 13795, USA

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