Sampson State Park – Waterfront

After many years of play, much of the equipment at Sampson State Park’s lakeside playground was worn out and in need of replacement. Parkitects stepped in to help create a new inclusive and imaginative play space that incorporated some of the original play components, resulting in an expansive, colorful playground.

In addition to maintaining several of the smaller structures and independent components, the renovated playground includes spinners, a group see-saw, spring riders, and a sensory CozyDome for quiet individual play. The stars of the show are two incredible play towers; the first, a 7 post NetPlex, includes a system of climbing nets with an attached slide and spinner. The 12′ Super NetPlex features two slides and an innovative spiral belt system that allows kids (or adults!) of all abilities to play – it’s textured and continuous so climbing to the top is a breeze! Its height provides a sweeping view of the beautiful Seneca Lake without sacrificing safety or visibility of those watching down below. Whether it’s not the right day for a swim or it’s time to take a break from the water, the Lakeside playground will to satisfy the child in everyone.

Sampson State Park, Romulus, NY 14541, USA

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