Clark Reservation State Park

According to their website:

Clark Reservation State Park is a geologic wonder of the last ice age and a botanist’s paradise. The park’s natural features include rugged cliffs and rocky outcrops, woodland and meadow, a wetland and a glacial plunge basin lake in which the surface waters and bottom waters do not mix. Fishermen can catch pickerel, bullheads and sunfish; while birdwatchers may observe cedar waxwings, kingfishers and woodpeckers.

Parkitects worked closely with the Central Region Landscape Architect to design a highly-customized play area that recognized the surrounding natural wonder. The play features focus on animals native to Onondaga County and the ancient glacier lake. Go on a scavenger hunt, and try to find all 20 ladybugs scattered throughout the play zone!

6105 E Seneca Turnpike
Jamesville, NY 13078

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