Rome City School District

Parkitects has worked with Rome City School District on a number of occasions to design and install expansive playgrounds.

Locations include:

  • Bellamy Elementary, 110 W Linden St, Rome, NY
  • Clough Pre-K, 409 Bell Rd, Rome, NY
  • Denti Elementary, 1001 Ruby St, Rome, NY
  • Gansevoort Elementary, 758 W Liberty St, Rome, NY
  • Joy Elementary, 8194 Bielby Rd, Rome, NY
  • Ridge Mills Elementary, 7841 Ridge Mills Rd, Rome, NY
  • Staley Middle School, 620 E Bloomfield, Rome, NY
  • Stokes Elementary, Turin Rd, Rome, NY
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Year Constructed

2009, 2011

Manufacturers Used

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