CAO Head Start

CAO’s Head Start and Early Head Start programs provide infant/toddler and preschool services to families across Western New York, with a focus on enriching the lives of children from lower income families or children with disabilities. Staff at each of the more than 30 locations strive to create positive learning and social environments and partner with special education teachers, speech therapists, and other professionals to meet every child’s needs.

Parkitects has worked with a number of the Head Start programs to further enhance the learning experience of their children. Simple play structures give small children the opportunity to play and learn in a safe place; whether they’re improving motor skills, practicing the alphabet, or simply getting exercise, they’re sure to have fun and grow at the same time.

Locations of Parkitects play equipment include:

  • ABC Learn and Play, 140 Brunswick Ave, Buffalo, NY
  • Children’s Day Out, 1365 Hertel Ave, Buffalo, NY
  • Core of Learning, 10 Hewitt Ave, Buffalo, NY
  • Family Help Center, 60 Dingens St, Buffalo, NY
  • Kidz Zone, 2680 Main St, Buffalo, NY
  • Little Spanish Garden, 3533 Harlem Rd, Cheektowaga, NY
  • My Kids Child Care, 3012 Main St, Buffalo, NY
  • My Precious Angels, 946 Bailey Ave, Buffalo, NY
  • New Life Academy, 2422 Delaware Ave, Buffalo, NY
  • Our Family Daycare, 33 Rogers St, Buffalo, NY
  • Peace of Mind Child Care, 696 Broadway, Buffalo, NY
  • PK’s Playhouse, 271 Walnut St, Buffalo, NY
  • Ready to Grow, 300 Hyde Park Blvd, Niagara Falls, NY
  • Ripen With Us Child Care Center, 500 Kenmore Ave, Buffalo, NY
  • Toot-Toot Daycare, 43 Northampton St, Buffalo, NY
  • YWCA, 1005 Grant St, Buffalo, NY
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