Purchasing Contracts

In 2012, New York State passed a ‘Piggyback Purchasing’ law. Local municipalities and school districts may now purchase park and play equipment through qualifying contracts or national purchasing agreements let by any state or local political subdivision. Purchasing under contract saves time and money. Each contract has pre-negotiated discounts. Contracts allow clients to avoid contractor mark-up and bonding fees. The resulting savings are often as much as 10 to 15 percent, not including reduced administrative expenses. This approach also avoids the lengthy contract and submittal process and shortens the typical construction schedule by two to three months – a huge advantage given the short construction season in upstate New York.

Landscape Structures (LSI) play equipment, SkyWays shade units, and Aquatix spray park equipment are available through:

New York State Contract # PC66734
All items shown in both the LSI play equipment catalog, including SkyWays shade units, and the Aquatix spray park catalog are available through New York State Contract. The contract includes equipment purchases only; installation services and surfacing are not included. The discount structure is identical to the national and federal contracts listed below. It is possible to purchase the play equipment through state contract and installation services and related products through the NCPA. (http://www.ogs.ny.gov/BU/PC/)


NCPA Contract # 10-01 (Includes Installation & Surfacing)
The National Cooperative Purchasing Alliance (NCPA) is a competitively bid, government-to-government, national purchasing contract. All standard and custom systems and components are available for both LSI and Aquatix. This contract can also include installation services by factory-certified installers and/or allow for the addition of related products like surfacing, shelters and site furnishings. Under this contract, we are able to provide complete turn-key installation of most play area projects. (http://www.ncpa.us/Home)


Federal GSA Contract
This contract is used by all Federal agencies, but any agency may piggyback onto the terms of the GSA contract if they wish. The discounts are the same as the above contracts; there is no application or approval process, and there are no fees. (https://www.playlsi.com/en/company/contracts-preferred-vendors)



Poligon Shelters and DuMor Site Furnishings are available through:

NJPA Contract # 022113-PPC
National Joint Powers Alliance® (NJPA) is a public service agency supporting members nationally and locally through a variety of programs. All DuMor products and all Poligon shelters, gazebos, and pavilions are available under the contract. The contract also includes installation of Poligon structures by a factory certified installer. (http://www.njpacoop.org/)