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As the premier provider of playground equipment, Landscape Structures focuses on innovative design that is safe for children of all abilities, improves their fitness through extended play time, and preserves the environment.

Landscape Structures was the first playground manufacturer in the country to be ISO 14001 certified for environmental stewardship—a distinction they’ve held a decade longer than other manufacturers.

They are the only playground company to manufacture their own product, and their manufacturing carbon footprint is 30% less than other traditional manufacturers.

Visit NY Playgrounds:

Gavin Park:  Completed in phases, this playground located in Wilton, NY was designed to accommodate various age groups. Buffalo Public School #39 - Buffalo, NY.Mid Lakes CSD: Two handicap-accessible playground structures were installed at this school located in Clifton Springs, NY.  One structure is used by the primary school children and the second structure is used by the older elementary school children.



The PlayBooster system was the first post-and-clamp system in the industry, and it’s still the finest with almost unlimited configuration options.

Every PlayBooster playsystem boasts the strongest, most durable polyester powdercoat paints for optimum UV stability and a long-lasting finish.

PlayBooster PlayShaper PlaySense - Design 34 Weevos and Evos


Made for preschoolers with posts scaled for smaller hands, PlayShaper systems feature the innovation and attention to detail you’ve come to expect from Landscape Structures.

They also have the extra safety little ones need, such as a 1" space between posts and panels so clothing won’t get caught.

All panels, enclosures, and activities are designed to provide extra-clear sightlines and easy access for adults who supervise the fun.


Play on a budget. Landscape Structures PlaySense line offers the same exceptional quality equipment for less.

It’s the ideal line for areas that get less traffic and for those on a budget.

With a 100-year limited warranty on posts, and a 15-year limited warranty on plastic and steel components, it just makes sense.


Evos—the art of play.

Built on a system of arches, Evos looks more like art than a playground.

Kids have fun, while building upper-body and core strength, and with no set entry or exit points, stimulate their minds as well.

Evos is highly configurable, and has a unique circular footprint, so it easily fits into most site shapes and sizes.


Weevos is designed to promote growth and development in 2-to-5 year-olds.  The challenges provided by Weevos are designed to grow with kids, making for an easy transition to Evos. 

Like Evos, Weevos is a system of arches, and the entire structure is part of the play experience. 

Weevos playsystems are available in six pre-configured designs.



Mobius is the new wave of play with four models to fit your budget and site.

Available in three, six, seven or twelve panels, the Mobius Climber helps to improve balance, increase hand-eye coordination, and build gross-motor skills.

The panels have a rust-free surface that refracts sunlight for a comfortable climb all summer long.

Like Evos, Mobius brings a unique aesthetic to any play area.

Mobius Natural Elements Starfire Spacenet


Natural Elements™

All of Landscape Structures Natural Elements Climbers are constructed from Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete (GFRC), a material that gets harder with age, to give them the look and feel of natural rock.

Their natural texture and slight color variations recreate a realistic climbing experience—complete with embedded fossils.


The bouncy interactive climbing experience of the Aeronet helps kids develop spatial awareness and motor-planning skills.

The steel-reinforced cables used on the climber are made by one of the most experienced manufacturers of steel cables in the world.

They’re also UV stable and extremely vandal resistant.


HealthBeat is a leading-edge workout—outside, and flexible enough to fit into any site. It uses the latest exercise methodologies and adjustable hydraulic resistance to provide a tailored workout for teens and adults of all fitness levels.

Developed in collaboration with the HealthBeat Advisory Council, a team of six industry experts, the HealthBeat Outdoor Fitness System can be used to create an outdoor circuit-training experience, providing a balanced workout that combines resistance training and cardiovascular fitness.

Stations can also be placed next to a playground or along a trail. Each station is complete with an instructional sign showing proper exercise technique, correct body position, and the muscle groups targeted.